hi, i'm pauline
this is a blog dedicated to big time rush

i live and breathe cargan and kames
i'm staying for kendall, just so you know

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate the amazingness of Kendall’s Grandma?

Kendall dancing the Gangnam Style x


and i wonder why i love logan so much omfg please my friend just sent me this:

“she was walking into urban outfitters in the afternoon and she saw logan in there buying like a toooooon of clothes and she was like convinced it was him so she went up to him and asked if he was logan from big time rush, and he was like “who??? no!!! my name is JAMES PENA I AM OFFENDED” and she was like … “i’m sorry, ….wait, are you serious” he was like “no. i’m kidding. COME ON GET WITH THE PROGRAM, kidding sweetie, yep that’s me… loooooooooogan (he like sang it) and she asked for a photo and he was like sURE!! and then she said thanks! and he was like, “no problem, WANNA JOIN ME SHOPPING? just kidding. got places to be you know. busy life of LOOOOOGAN (singing again) and he was like SORRY I’M SCREWING AROUND SO MUCH. BUT I GOTTA GO! and blew her a kiss.”